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Ways Companies can Support Caregivers

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Life is stressful, even without working two jobs. Imagine juggling the responsibilities of working outside the home while caring for an elderly loved one at home. Now, imagine if your company did not make any accommodations for you to feel like you could do both jobs to the best of your abilities. This is a far more common situation than people realize.

A study recently done by the National Alliance for Caregiving revealed that 70 percent of employees with caregiving roles needed to take days off due to caregiving duties, and 64 percent arrived at work late or left early. It’s not that people don’t want to do a good job at work. It’s that they don’t always have the support, flexibility, and access to resources they need.

There are ways companies can ease the stress on their employees. In this Forbes article, caregiving advocate Maria Shriver details how caregivers can successfully handle dual roles when they receive the support they need from their employers. A “culture of care” can result in employees who are more loyal, dedicated, and focused. It’s a win-win for everyone.

National Nurses Week – How to Celebrate

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At Vista Prairie Communities, we have registered nurses on staff in our Assisted Living, Care Suites and Respite Care communities. We take pride in our nurses and the amazing work they do and want to thank them not only in honor of National Nurses Week, but also for their work every single day.

National Nurses Week is celebrated starting on National Nurses Day, May 6, each year and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday – the founder of modern nursing.

How can you celebrate this special holiday for all the nurses out there who have helped you or a loved one in their time of need? Take a look at our list of ways to celebrate below.

Send flowers or a small gift to a nurse who has impacted your life in some way. Whether a nurse has helped care for you or if you know the nurse who takes care of your loved one, send them a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. A simple little gift can go a long way to put a smile on someone’s face who’s impacted you so greatly.

Send a personal yet practical gift from the American Nurses Association’s estore. Things like tote bags, tumblers and wearables are all gifts that the nurse you appreciate can actually use.

Pay a visit with coffee when visiting your family member at their assisted-living home. Whether it’s your family member’s nurse or one who’s on duty at the time of your visit, bring in an extra cup of joe for them. Nurses work long and tiring shifts and can always use a boost of caffeine.

Donate to the American Nurses Foundation. There are many ways you can support this foundation financially – donate directly, honor a nurse and more! Learn more about how you get involved here.

Educate yourself on nursing’s history and role in today’s health care. From the history of Florence Nightingale to the scope of nursing practice, you can start to get to know the world of nursing and start to understand the life of a nurse.

If you or someone you know has been taken care of by a nurse, remember to celebrate them this week, May 6-May 12, through one of these ways or your own personal way.

Do you know someone who is looking for a job in nursing? Check out one of our job opportunities at Vista Prairie Communities.