How Colors Improve Mood, Concentration and Memory for Seniors

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The colors you see each day have a much bigger impact on your mood and memory than you probably think. For instance, the color red increases the rate of your heartbeat, which causes time to appear as if it’s going faster. Green, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere of emotional balance. When you see green, your eyes relax and your concentration increases.

Vista Prairie Communities uses color therapy throughout its Memory Care and Care Suites because of the proposed healing abilities to treat emotional and physical disturbances. By changing the colors residents see each day – from the color of a person’s clothes to home décor or even having them visualize different colors – color therapy can evoke different responses from residents. Color therapy helps soothe the mind and heal ailments of the body and soul.

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Another benefit of using certain colors is the direct correlation between the appreciation of life and beautiful colors. Get caught up in the explosion of colors that happens during a sunrise or sunset, immerse yourself in the rich turquoise waters of the lake or sea, or ignite the flames of a fire and watching the sparks. You will immediately feel a sense of happiness and calmness.

To help relieve stress and give your mind better concentration levels, try to experience blues, greens, and oranges more in your daily life. To help seniors or those who suffer from memory loss improve their moods, try painting or decorating homes in these gentle shades.

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