Seniorcising: Helping Seniors Remain Independent

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Senior Fitness and Health. Photo courtesy of stockimages

Vista Prairie at River Heights Assisted Living Community is dedicated to keeping its residents’ lives active and full. That’s why they teamed up with Dr. Eva Norman, founder and president of Live Your Life Physical Therapy. With the help of Dr. Norman, Vista Prairie at River Heights was able to bring a fun fitness program to its Community. The program, called Seniorcising, keeps seniors active and moving to reverse the effects of aging.

Designed to help improve balance and reduce falls, Seniorcising allows older adults to remain independent for as long as possible by doing exercises that research has shown to help seniors improve their health and quality of life. The program combines exercises and stretches focused on flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic endurance.

Tammy Cardenas, executive director at River Heights, has the opportunity to work with her residents during the Seniorcising classes and says the results are outstanding. Residents have started to feel better and have improved balance – which reduces the risk for falls and fractures. Some have noticed changes in back pain and posture, strength, and decreased feelings of depression and anxiety.

Classes are held twice a week for memory care residents and three times a week for assisted living tenants. Ankle and hand weights may be used for resistance and chairs are always available for seated exercises and standing support.

“Hopefully within the next 5 years the program will continue to expand and we see residents start to live in assisted and independent living communities longer,” Cardenas said. The program began as a platform for fall prevention and has transformed to really bring in the benefits of fitness and physical therapy to residents.

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