Tips for Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

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Choosing Assisted Living

With an ever-growing array of senior living options available—independent living, adult day care, home health care, senior apartments, and skilled nursing, just to name a few—the prospect of choosing the community that’s right for you can be daunting. And that’s after you make the decision to move to a senior community, not an easy thing to do in its own right.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the questions you should ask yourself about the kind of community you’re looking for, along with some tips for choosing the assisted living community that’s right for you.

Questions to Ask When Thinking About Senior Living

Before choosing a community, you have to determine which type of senior living is the right fit for your needs and preferences. Here are some guiding questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the activities of daily living becoming difficult for you to manage on your own?
  • Do you require more daily support or care than family and friends can provide?
  • Have you started to feel lonely or isolated in your home?
  • Have friends or family expressed concern for your safety?
  • Are the responsibilities of maintaining a home becoming more than you can handle?
  • Is transportation an obstacle for you?

If you answered yes to more than a couple of the questions above, assisted living may be a good fit for you. In an assisted living community, staff are present 24/7 to supply the support and care you need to live comfortably. Fellow residents provide a social support network that can be hugely beneficial for mood and wellbeing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Community for You

The decisions aren’t over after you make the decision to move to assisted living. Now you have to choose the right community for you and your needs. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, so focus on what’s most important.

Narrow down your options by identifying the “must-have” services you’ll need from the community. Beyond those services, remember that residents and staff will have more impact on your daily happiness than extra amenities. Choose the community that feels the most “homey” to you, where you feel welcomed and safe when you walk in the door,

Some considerations to keep in mind as you tour communities:

Observe the residents. Do they seem happy? Are they socializing and interacting with one another? Do you see people participating in activities?

Evaluate your interactions with staff. Did they greet you warmly and express genuine interest in you? Were they helpful? Did they give you a sense of security? How were their interactions with other residents? Did they greet residents by name?

Take note of facility maintenance. Does the building seem clean and well cared for? Do the community spaces feel inviting? Does the facility seem secure? Are there emergency response systems accessible throughout the community? Are there any outdoor spaces?

Ask about activities and programming. Does the community offer activities that match your hobbies, or social groups you’d like to join? Are there amenities of interest to you, such as a chapel, library, or rec center? Is transportation provided to local events?

Sample the food. Many assisted living communities provide three meals a day for residents, so it’s important to like the food! Ask to eat a meal during your tour.

These questions all boil down to one thing: Can you picture yourself feeling at home in the community? As long as the community provides the care services you need, how you feel in the community is the most important factor in choosing an assisted living home.

Vista Prairie Communities is here to help you in your assisted living search. For information on the services provided in our communities, visit our assisted living services page.

You can also call 952-837-050 to speak with a representative about which community is the best match for your needs.

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