Celebrating Grandparents Day From Miles Away

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The connection between grandparents and their grandchildren is an almost magical bond. In fact, many believe that the relationship children have with their grandparents is the second most important emotional bond in their lives after their parents. Grandparents are sources of unconditional love, wisdom, identity, and family values. The history and heritage they offer make them many children’s first experience of belonging to something larger than themselves.

It’s no wonder there’s a national holiday dedicated to celebrating a bond this special—Grandparents Day, coming up on September 10. There’s no better way to celebrate this holiday than giving your parents some quality time with their grandkids, but in today’s world of busy schedules and scattered families, that’s sometimes not possible. Thanks to technology, however, there are many ways to connect and enjoy each other’s company when you can’t meet in person. Here are just a few ways to celebrate Grandparents Day even if you can’t be there together.

    • Schedule a Skype session. Mail a package of small gifts ahead of time so that the grandparents can open them on camera while everyone is watching. You could even plan to Skype over mealtime and both agree to prepare your grandparents’ favorite dinner to eat as if you were enjoying it together.
    • Make a video of your kids wishing their grandma and grandpa a happy Grandparents Day and telling them how much they are loved and missed, and then email it to your parents for them to watch on the holiday. If your kids made any cards or artwork, film them presenting it to grandma and grandpa before you mail it. Children love showing off the work they do for others, and it will warm their grandparents’ hearts to see it.

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    • If your kids put on a Grandparents Day show at school, film it or let the grandparents watch it live using a video app such as Facetime. They’ll appreciate feeling included in the festivities even though they can’t attend in person, and your kids will love knowing that grandma and grandpa were “there.”
  • Call! Sometimes nothing feels more personal than a good old-fashioned phone call. Grandparents will enjoy even the sound of hearing your youngest babble away before they learn to talk. Pass the phone around so that everybody gets some individual time with grandma and grandpa, or put it on speaker so you can all celebrate together.

Especially since grandparents didn’t grow up with the technology we have today, they will delight in discovering these fun new ways they can stay in touch with their grandkids. Get creative with it and have a wonderful Grandparents Day!

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