Father’s Day Gifts for Your Aging Father

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Are you still hunting for the perfect gift for your aging father? Depending on your dad’s mobility and activity level, Father’s Day gifts will fall into one of two categories: gifts to support one of his hobbies, or gifts to make his daily life a little easier. Whichever category your dad falls into, by all means let’s steer clear of the classic tie or pair of slippers! Here are some great gift ideas sure to make your father feel appreciated this Father’s Day.

Pickleball paddles – Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport amongst the active, aging Baby Boomer generation. If your dad hasn’t tried it yet, encourage him to get out on the court and give it a go! It’s a great way to get your body moving and make social connections with others in your community all at once.

Large Button Remote Control – Does your dad enjoy watching programs on TV? Maneuvering the tiny buttons on remote controls can be frustrating for older hands. Giving your dad a large button remote along with a typed-out guide to his favorite channels will take the stress out of an activity that should be relaxing.

Distortion-Free Magnifying Glass – Many older adults continue to enjoy the pleasure of reading, but find it challenging to squint at the small print in many books. A distortion-free hand-held magnifying glass will allow your dad to enjoy his favorite books without having to strain his eyes. Double the gift by including a new book, inscribed with the date and a description of why you picked it out for him.

Indoor Herb Garden Set – If your dad always enjoyed gardening but doesn’t have access to a garden plot in his new community, an indoor herb garden set is the perfect way for him to exercise his green thumb. Indoor herb gardens come in a number of varieties and can be tended to and enjoyed year-round.

Experiences & Services – Your dad may have reached a point in his life where accumulating more possessions is not desirable. If that’s the case, the perfect gift for your dad is an experience he can enjoy (with you!) or a service he can benefit from. Pay a house cleaner to give his living space a sprucing up, or buy him tickets to an upcoming concert in your community. 

Your Time – Whatever you get your dad this Father’s Day, remember that the most precious thing to him is spending time with you and your family. If you live in the area, make sure to deliver your gift in person. He’ll appreciate the delivery service as much or more than he does whatever is inside the box.

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