Meet the Team: Deborah Bodine, Executive Assistant, Vista Prairie Communities

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Many people employed in caregiving professions have a personal investment in the field that invigorates and inspires their work. For Deborah Bodine, Executive Assistant to Vista Prairie’s president, Morris Knopf, her work became personal when her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

After the diagnosis, Deborah and her family moved her mother from Florida to Minnesota so they could be closer and more involved in her care. Deborah has since taken an active role in assuring her mother the best care possible, assisting with her transition from assisted living to memory care and taking on power of attorney.

Dealing with her mother’s dementia has further deepened Deborah’s empathy for the residents and families of Vista Prairie. “The experience has been very difficult,” Deborah said, “but I believe it has given me a special insight to empower our mission at Vista Prairie Communities.”

Helping others isn’t just something Deborah does during the workweek. Her caring and empathetic spirit has earned her the nickname “Mother Hen” for all she does to take care of the people she loves, including her husband, 18-year-old son, and their two dogs.

Mother Hen isn’t Deborah’s only nickname. She’s also known to family and friends as “Betty Crocker” because she loves spending time in the kitchen, where she lets instinct be her guide and never follows a recipe word for word.

She’s not afraid to experiment in life, either. Although a decision to pack up and move to North Carolina ultimately brought her family back home to Minnesota, in the course of the adventure she discovered a beautiful place where she plans to one day retire.

Deborah is coming up on her one-year anniversary at Vista Prairie in February. We’re lucky to have you, Deborah!

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