How to Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day

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5 Ways to Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day. The holiday was established in 1988 as a day to recognize the wisdom, leadership, and achievements of our senior citizens. Of course, we don’t need a national holiday for an excuse to show appreciation to the seniors in our lives. But if you’re looking for a way to do something special for your loved one to celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day, we have a few ideas.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day

1. Have a conversation.

It sounds small, but simply taking the time to sit down and have a real conversation with your loved one can mean the world. So many of our interactions with loved ones become centered around logistics and planning, it can be easy to forget to simply ask how someone is doing. Visit in person if possible, or hop on the phone or Skype if you live farther away. Give your loved one an uninterrupted hour of your time and attention.

2. Start a family history project.

The seniors in our lives all have fascinating stories to share, but most of them have never written anything down. Remind your loved one how much they’ve seen, experienced, and accomplished by starting a family history project. Ask them to tell you stories while you transcribe or simply record on your phone. It gives them an opportunity to revisit share wisdom and you a chance to preserve family stories.

3. Make a photo album. 

The older we get, the more we treasure our memories. Consolidate your loved one’s memories all in one place by creating a memory photo album for them. Fill it with photos from throughout their life—starting as far back as you can find photos for. They will love being able to flip through the album whenever they’re in the mood for a walk down memory lane.

4. Cook them dinner.

Sharing a meal together is one of the best ways to show someone you care. And as good as the food in the Vista Prairie dining rooms is, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Whip up one of your loved one’s favorite dishes and have a family dinner in their apartment. To make it really special, finish the meal off with a cake or another favorite treat.

5. Spend an afternoon playing games.

If you have young children, playing games can be a good way for them to bond with their grandparents by doing an activity they can both enjoy. Playing games is also good for seniors, since it helps keep their mind engaged and sharp. Pack up a few games that are favorites in your family and bring them over to your loved one’s assisted living apartment for an afternoon of family fun.

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