Springtime Activities for Seniors to Enjoy Outside

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After a long winter of being cooped up indoors, the start of spring is like a breath of fresh air. Spending time outside is good for the body and soul alike. That first afternoon spent in the warm spring sunshine can lift your spirits like almost nothing else can. We’ll take any and every excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, but here are a few of our favorite springtime activities for seniors.

Go for a Walk – There’s no easier way to enjoy the warm weather than by simply going on a walk. In one activity, you can enjoy the sunshine on your skin, discover flower buds poking their heads up out of the dirt, benefit from getting some exercise, and even socialize with a friend.

Dining a la Fresco – Mobility can limit some seniors’ options for outdoor activities, but anyone can sit outside on the patio to enjoy their dinner on a balmy spring evening! Whether you cook for yourself or head to a restaurant, dining a la fresco is a great way to enjoy some good food, good company, and the lovely spring weather all at once.

Have a Picnic – Picnics combine two of our favorite springtime activities into one: going for a walk and dining a la fresco. Pack some simple snacks or sandwiches, grab a friend, and head out for a picnic lunch! You can walk to a local neighborhood park, or simply find a comfortable spot on the lawn at your community.

Visit a Nursery – Gardening is a popular pastime among seniors, but you don’t have to have a garden to enjoy visiting a nursery. Whether you’re choosing flowers for your own garden, helping a family member select flowers for their yard, or simply appreciating the ambiance, a trip to a nursery makes for a highly enjoyable afternoon.

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Plant an Herb Garden – If you don’t have the space or the energy to plant a flowerbed, you can buy small herb planters that sit in your windowsill. Gardening has many benefits for seniors, such as increased mobility, use of motor skills, stress reduction, and disease prevention. Not to mention, you get to cook with fresh herbs you grew yourself!

Set up a Bird Feeder – Nothing signals the start of spring like the sound of birds chirping, announcing their return from their winter travels. Setting up a bird feeder outside your window allows you to enjoy the beautiful visuals of visiting birds and feel your spirits lifted by their cheerful songs, even when you’re spending time indoors.

You can experience the benefits of spending time outside in the sun no matter which activity you choose. Don’t forget to check in with your community’s activity coordinator to find out what fun events they have planned for the season!

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