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Tapping experience and a service heart

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Mary Lou has seen some of this before, back in the 1970s. That experience motivates her to deliver meals to fellow residents of Vista Prairie at River Heights. Her years helping to operate the Lakeview residence in Virginia, on Minnesota’s Iron Range, provide perspective for the needs where she lives now in South St Paul.

“We had 18 or 19 residents living on three floors, no elevators and no air conditioning,” Mary Lou recalls about her days in Virginia. “We did 24-hour care — food was provided, medications, outings. It was like an assisted living facility.”

She and her husband were both registered nurses, working in Minneapolis, “We went to Lake Vermillion on a vacation and absolutely fell in love with the area. Within six months we were up North.”

And six years later, they owned the Lakeview residence. With her added experience owning and running a restaurant in nearby Biwabik, volunteering to help at River Heights amid the added food service responsibilities is a “no-brainer.”

“I live here, and I’m pretty much available,” she says. “I decided I would offer my services and they could utilize me.”

An accident in her Biwabik home compelled the assisted living move for Mary Lou. Her son and daughter-in-law, back in the Twin Cities, convinced her that being closer was better than being four hours away. “My son is wonderful support,” she says. “He and his wife and my two grandchildren keep me active and alive and happy.”

Mary Lou says she also enjoys seeing fellow residents on a different basis when she puts on her mask and delivers a meal. “We’re seeing each other more than just at activities or in the dining room. We talk about things every time I visit.”

The gardens at River Heights are coming alive again this spring. And inside, this warm and welcoming community offers assisted living in 44 apartments, as well as 16 memory care suites. Want to learn more about River Heights? Call Danielle at 651-326-6501.

Food for Thought: Superfoods

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You have probably heard the term “superfood” by now and might have read the buzz about how amazing these foods are for your health and well-being. There is no actual scientific definition of a superfood, but the truth is, these foods are ultra healthy and thus, the name fits.

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What’s Cooking: National Pecan Pie Day

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Residents and staff at Vista Prairie Communities love finding a reason to eat sweets. Not that we need an excuse, but national holidays like today – National Pecan Pie Day – make baking and eating treats more fun.

If you like nuts and you like pie, then today is your day! Spread the love by baking an extra pie for your neighbor. Share the crunchy goodness of pecan pie with this delicious recipe: Continue reading “What’s Cooking: National Pecan Pie Day” »