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How Seniors Stay Healthy and Happy

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Elbert Hubbard once said, “Happiness is a habit. Cultivate it.” As time passes, it’s important to not only put your health but also your happiness first. Seniors oftentimes feel isolated and can get down when they live away from their friends and their families. Nevertheless, there are many different ways to stay healthy and happy in a senior living community like Vista Prairie Communities.

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6 Ways To Maintain a Positive Outlook As You Age

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Everybody, regardless of age, strives for happiness. However, new research suggests that for seniors, happiness may have an even greater impact on quality of life than simply being a reward in itself.  A recent study found that maintaining a good mood and a positive outlook can enhance cognitive function for seniors. Even temporary mood-boosts can improve working memory and decision-making skills, which can slow the process of cognitive decline. At Vista Prairie Communities, we provide residents plenty of planned programming, activities, and social opportunities that promote overall wellbeing.

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5 Simple Ways Seniors Find Happiness

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It’s true what they say: happiness is a choice. And everyone wants to be happy, right? But as we age, certain things happen that are unexpected and beyond our control. Stressors of younger days might be replaced by new worries of health and independence. Priorities shift from planning for the future to focusing on the present. New worries are alleviated by a different approach to finding happiness.

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