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An inquiring mind

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Martin under model of a Farmall tractor and bailer

Farming and agri-business are the roots of the geographic region we serve in Minnesota and Iowa. And few people personify that spirit better than Martin, a 92-year-old resident of Vista Prairie at Fieldcrest in Sheldon, Iowa. He’s pictured here below a model of his trustworthy Farmall tractor, towing a baler. Implements like this got plenty of use during his 80 years of farming, which started when he was a boy.

Martin’s heritage goes back to 1913 when his family immigrated from Holland, in part, to avoid the bloodshed that would soon overtake Europe in the First World War.

“We lived on five different farms,” Martin recounts, “and the last one we lived on we bought.” That farm was 160 acres, close to Sheldon. Martin, his wife and five children did just about everything you can do on a farm, raising dairy and beef cattle, hogs, and cultivating corn, soybeans, alfalfa and oats.

One of his sons bought the farm and still maintains it. Martin was as wise as his years when asked if he thought his son is doing a good job running the farm, “He’s the son of his mother, so he’s smarter than I am.”

About 18 months ago and after he had lost his wife a year earlier, Martin moved to Fieldcrest with the support of all five children. While he’d rather be back on the farm, he’s made the most of his time, with his humor and his inquisitive mind. ”I would ask questions,” Martin says, “and when you ask somebody a question they talk, and you may learn something.”

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