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Memory Skills: 5 Strategies to Improve Your Memory

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When you’re suffering from memory loss, it can be easy to feel helpless. Whether it’s the name of your neighbor’s dog, what you need from the grocery store, or where you went on family vacation when you were 12, it’s disconcerting to forget something you used to recall effortlessly. At Vista Prairie, we know how troubling those moments can feel. We’ve put together a list of strategies you can use to improve your ability to recall information you gather throughout the day.

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4 Ways VPC Communities Keep Residents Active

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Alzheimer’s is a complex puzzle that science is still working to solve. The good news, however, is that there are lifestyle changes you can develop to improve cognitive function and decrease your risk of cognitive decline. Some studies swear by the benefit of digital “brain games,” but these are only one piece of the puzzle. The best way to optimize brain function is to practice a diverse set of habits that exercise both hemispheres of your brain in interactive activities.

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Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease

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With one person in the United States developing Alzheimer’s disease every 67 seconds, odds are good that you know someone affected by the disease. You also probably know the pain, heartache and stress that come with having the disease or caregiving for a loved one with memory loss. But what if you could do something today to relieve some of that anxiety and depression? The good news is that you can! There are a variety of activities you can do with your loved ones that improve their mood and memory.

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Tips for Boosting Brainpower

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As you start warming up your muscles on spring morning walks after a long winter’s break, don’t forget to consider your memory! There are plenty of ways to keep your brain and your memory in tip-top shape. Just ask Megan Quastad, memory care coordinator at Vista Prairie at Goldfinch Estates in Fairmont, MN.

While you’re daydreaming about sunshine and brighter days ahead, Megan recommends these tips for boosting your brainpower too.

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10 Tips for Caring for Parents with Alzheimer’s

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Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s can be a long and intense emotional journey. As your loved one slowly loses ability and ability, you gain new responsibilities and obligations that add to your already busy life. Here at Vista Prairie Communities, we know how difficult these times can be, so we’ve put together a list of tips for adult children with parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

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