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In command

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Along with his characteristic smile, Joe often wears a hat signifying his hitch in the U.S. Navy. For four years he served aboard the USS Columbia, the submarine illustrated by his side. Instead of helping to navigate that ship, he’s now fully in command of his current environment as a resident of Vista Prairie at Garnette Gardens in Redwood Falls, MN.

Joe is a Redwood Falls native, attended high school there, even owned the local roller-rink for a brief time at the age of 21.

Seven years after his Navy discharge, Joe was diagnosed with brain cancer. For two years, he underwent the whole series of chemotherapy and radiation. That cured the cancer, but he suspects the treatment also led to a stroke. While those misfortunes have been the biggest challenges of his 45 years, impacting his mobility and speech, they have not dampened his outlook on life.

“I’ve been through some things, but positivity has never gone away,” Joe relates. “In fact, it’s never been stronger.”

Highly skilled in computers and electronics, Joe has become a passionate motivational video producer. He started the series while living with his mother in Redwood Falls during his stroke recovery. While he’s grateful for his mom’s support, he yearned to live more independently. Recently, he moved into Garnette Gardens along with an array of professional quality video production equipment, where he continues to turn out videos like this one.

“I’ve been living here for a month,” notes Joe. “I love it here, the other residents are a hoot, the staff is great. I really feel at home here. Their assisted living here is awesome.”

As his slogan, Joe subscribes to a motivational sign hanging in a Garnette Gardens hallway – Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today. “I think the whole world needs positivity,” he says. “It’s infectious.”

The community offers 62 one and two-bedroom apartments for seniors who also value their independence but, like Joe, need options for personal care and supportive services. We also offer 16 memory care suites. Nine care suites round out the options, offering a higher level of assisted living care and supervision.

5 Steps to Slash Your Stroke Risk in Half

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The benefits of eating a balanced diet, working out and minimizing poor health habits such as smoking are not exactly breaking news, but new research points out just how powerful these interventions can be when it comes to preventing strokes—the fourth leading cause of death among American adults.

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American Heart Month: Show Your Love

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February is American Heart Month. That can mean a few things. From a nurse or medical perspective, that can mean keeping the physical heart healthy. After all, cardiovascular disease (CVD) – a disease that affects the heart including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure – is the number one killer of women and men in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control. It’s also the leading cause of disability preventing Americans from working and being active.

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The Signs and Treatment of a Stroke

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Strokes affect many Americans – 795,000 each year, to be exact. The majority of those are seniors ages 65 and older, which is why Vista Prairie Communities has put together an informational guide about the symptoms and treatments of a stroke so you know what to expect if it happens to your loved ones.

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