The Senior Life Experience in Assisted Living

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The Senior Life Experience in Assisted Living

Assisted living is meant to create a positive senior life experience. The goal is for every resident to celebrate each day in a setting that values their independence, respects their dignity and allows them to enjoy the highest quality of life.

Assisted Living Communities

When seniors consider assisted living options, most of the time it is because circumstances in life prevent them from maintaining their own health and home. Kim Korpi, executive director of Vista Prairie’s Manor House Assisted Living Community, explains more about the senior life experience at assisted living communities.

“Assisted living is a success when it meets the needs of residents with compassion and dignity while allowing personal choices and preferences, “ Korpi said.

Each resident is distinctive with different needs and diagnoses. Assisted living should emphasize the importance of individualism by understanding and supporting these differences. Residents can anticipate an environment that has numerous options for daily living. Typically medicine will be delivered in the morning when residents are awakened and offered assistance as needed for daily care. Warm breakfast is then served where residents socialize around the dining room. A variety of in-house activities are offered throughout the day from church services, Wii games, bingo and word games, and exercise classes. Lunch, dinner and snacks are served throughout the day as well. Family and friends are welcome to visit as often as they like as well as encouraged to participate in outings such as lunch dates, shopping and more with residents.

Assisted living should create an environment where socializing is encouraged and residents feel comfortable to come and go as they choose. With that said, transportation should be provided for appointments and other arrangements. Personal care and supportive services should be available around the clock to assist residents and also to maintain safety and security for all tenants and staff.

The Senior Life Experience

Overall, the senior life experience in assisted living offers seniors the ability to maintain as high of functioning as possibly with the opportunity to utilize staff assistance as needed. It should provide a comforting and supporting community that comes together to welcome new residents and their families helping them all to adjust to the transition.

“At Vista Prairie Communities, we acknowledge the transition isn’t always easy and so we attempt to delicately ease the move for the resident and family,” said Korpi. “We want to simplify the process with education and expertise and empathizing with the change in lifestyle with a positive and energetic outlook.”

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