Vista Prairie Communities is a nonprofit, housing corporation that uses affiliated organizations to serve persons of diverse incomes by providing, nurturing and homelike properties in the lifelong communities of its residents. We engage staff, residents, the local community and service providers to create the quality of life we all hope to experience.

Values of Vista Prairie Communities:

TRUST: We endeavor to create a family environment and an atmosphere of comfort for our residents.

RESPECT: We respect the dignity of our residents by encouraging their independence while offering access to a professional caring staff in a home-like environment.

QUALITY: We provide a beautiful, clean environment for our residents.

CARING: We seek to provide a higher standard of care and professionalism than is expected by residents and their families.

EMPOWERING: We strive to create an atmosphere that enhances personal growth, expands responsibility, maximizes creativity and instills trust for our residents, their families and our employees.